Mail merging is one of the best weapons for streamlining the development of documents, such as incentive statements, total rewards statements, and anything else that a compensation person might want to quickly generate for a number of employees. In the current version of Word, formatting is not as straightforward as it used to be. The steps below describe how to update the formatting for a currency, in a mail merge:

  1. On your mail merge letter, right-click on the field and select “Toggle Field Codes” or click within the mail merge area and hit Shift+F9
  2. Once you do this, the will look something like this (where “Field_Name” is your particular field name): { MERGEFIELD “Field_Name” }
  3. Place your cursor before the closing bracket and type: \# $,#.00
  4. It should now look like: { MERGEFIELD “Field_Name” \# $,#.00 }
  5. Right-click on the field name once again and select “Toggle Field Codes” or hit Shift+F9 to remove the curly brackets and information within.