This map, using data made available by Glassdoor, provides a visual representation of the different costs of labor, by City and by job. As remote work becomes more prevalent, Organizations are being forced to seriously consider their remote work policies and determine how employee pay may change. This visualization may provide an illustration of how dramatic those costs may be, and how they may vary by job and location.

This visualization was created using data made available by Glassdoor found in the article by Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, “Map My Pay: How Might Salaries Change As Remote Workers Move to New Cities?”, which is a great, pragmatic article about how remote work may be addressed. This map should serve only as an visualization of how the cost of labor varies across various cities in the United States. There is not a one-sized-fits-all approach when it comes to pay, however. Every pay adjustment should be reviewed by professional compensation practitioner and potentially legal counsel to ensure that pay actions do not create adverse risk to the Organization or unintended consequences to employees, especially when reducing pay.