Senior Compensation Advisor

Location: Fully Remote

Hours: Flexible

Starting Date: December

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The Opportunity

Comp Tool is looking for an expert in Compensation to join our team supporting our Customers and our internal Account Executives and BDRs.  This role will be responsible for being the in-house Compensation Expert, with the uncanny ability to wax poetic about the Compensation profession.   This role does not provide fully engaged consulting projects, but rather over the shoulder consulting and advisory services.  It’s all of the fun parts of consulting without the headaches from consulting.  

What You’ll Do 

  • Ensure that our clients are squeezing every last drop out of the CompTool that they can.  You’ll be the first point of contact for our clients when they have questions about CompTool or our newest product: Squirrel.
  • Partner with clients to manage their implementations and ongoing updates.  This will require a deep understanding of the Compensation Tool and how it works for various types of clients with all different structures.  
  • Collaborate with clients to successfully onboard them through client implementations, which can be done in as few as 72 hours, or may take 1-2 months.  You’ll be the shepherd that ensures a successful implementation, while understanding and respecting their priorities and deadlines.  
  • Develop and enhance our FAQs, how-to-guides and technical documentation for clients 
  • Serve as a subject matter expert and mentor for our Business Development Reps and other support team.


  • 12+ years of experience in Compensation, preferably in Consulting.


  • Active Listening and Problem Solving: To solve our client’s problems, we have to understand the root of their challenges.  Sometimes it’s with our software, sometimes it’s not.  This role is designed to hear and understand our clients issues and come up with pragmatic solutions that meet their needs.  
  • Creative: Not every company can solve the same problem in the same way. 
  • Developing bespoke solutions to big challenges will be a key skill required for this role
  • Self-Motivated:  The CompTool is one of the newest platforms on the market with some of the most exciting features and make no mistake, we’re busy.
  • Empathetic listener and persuasive communicator.
  • Competitive, resilient, and highly motivated.