Business Development Representative (Multiple Opportunities)

Location: Fully Remote

Hours: Flexible

Starting Date: December

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This is a ground floor opportunity on our Sales Team that has the opportunity to shape and develop the entire sales function. We have some seriously ambitious growth goals over then next 12-months that we plan to accomplish through innovative, collaboration and hard work. If you’re the kind of person that wants to be part of building a new business and are up to the challenge, we’d love to talk to you.

What You’ll Do 

  • We’ve built the rocket, and you’re the jet fuel. As a start-up, this role is going to be incredibly important for our growth. With high expectations, we’re going to have some fairly high (but realistic) sales targets. When we all hit our targets, we’re all going to the moon together.
  • Using sales resources, you’ll conduct outreach to potential clients to understand what challenges they are facing and if CompTool’s products can solve their problems or create efficiencies for them.
  • You’ll qualify inbound leads to understand what they may be looking for and how (and if) we might be able to solve their problems. If they have an issue we can’t solve, we still want to recommend a solution. Goodwill begets goodwill, after all. 
  • You’ll use our CRM to manage a strong pipeline and track feedback that can be used to (a) track our sales funnel and (b) allow us to improve the product and sales process so you can be more successful.
  • Help to build scalable demand generation campaigns based on data.
  • A deep understanding of CompTool’s offerings and how it will solve business problems for our prospective clients. Don’t worry, we will help you!

How You’ll Be Successful

Our success is firmly based on your success and we’re going to do everything we can to ensure you’re able to hit sales targets, ranging from education in the space, sales mentorship and equipping you with the resources you need. Here are some of the ways we’ll support you:

  • We’re staffed by seasoned veterans in the Compensation and HR and we’ll be focused on ensuring you are able to speak knowledgeably about the software and how it will solve the problems of the companies you’re speaking with. 
  • We’ll provide you with realistic (but aggressive) sales targets and maintain a very open line of communication to ensure that we can tackle any challenges together. 
  • First 3 Months:  We’ll do a lot of learning together during the first 3-months. We’ll spend time bringing you up to speed on the industry, the ins-and-outs of CompTool and how it solves problems of potential clients. You will start off shadowing us during our demos until we turn the reins over to you and you’re leading your own demos. We’ll keep continuous check-ins going to make sure we’re all aligned on your future success.
  • 3-6 Months:  After 3 months, you’ll be in the swing of things prospecting leads, conducting product demos with as much support from our seasoned pros as you think you need and closing deals that you’ve started with folks you’ve demoed with in the past. 
  • 6-12 months:  At this point, you’re fully proficient and have generated a large pipeline of prospects, you’re doing demos without any support, you’re closing deals, making product recommendations based on your demos and awesome discussions, and you’re sharing your success stories with other BDRs to help them come up.


  • Preferred, but not required: 1 years of experience in sales, preferably in SaaS
  • Bachelors degree encouraged, but not required.
  • Awesome attitude – required.
  • Excited to build something amazing: Required


  • Sell Without being Salesy:  We believe that our current or future users are peers first, and customers second. We were founded by Compensation Practitioners and want to create a better experience and to do reach out to potential client.
  • Self-Motivated:  The CompTool is one of the newest platforms on the market with some of the most exciting features and make no mistake, we’re busy.
  • Empathetic: You have to understand how important our tool is to our clients and be able to solve their problems.
  • Be a self-starter: Sounds cheesy to say, but this is going to be a role that is critical to our business and

Career Path

How many job descriptions do you see that list your next steps? Probably not many. But why should you care that we put this here? Why? Because it means we’re mindful of your growth and want you to succeed. We’re already thinking about how you’ll grow with us and become part of the Company’s leadership. While there are no guarantees, if you can come in and start making an impact, we’re going to recognize it and reward it. Quickly.

  • Senior Business Development Representative – additional responsibilities and bigger, more strategic clients. You’ll also start mentoring the more junior BDRs.
  • Sales Manager – You’ll get direct reports and begin to partner with Leadership to shape and develop the sales strategy for CompTool.
  • Director of Sales – We’re leaving you alone because you know more than we do now. You’ll have direct reports, and a huge amount of responsibility for driving our growth. You’ll be on the leadership team and probably the biggest factor in our growth.