States with Pay Transparency Laws
Pay Transparency Laws: The States And Cities That Require Employers To Share Salary Ranges With Job Applicants Several states have enacted pay transparency laws that make it obligatory for employers to provide wage information to candidates. While these regulations can be a boon for job applicants, […]
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What to Consider When Evaluating a Salary Survey There are innumerable salary surveys online, and many seem to come from trustworthy sources, so how do we know which ones to use?  If any of these bullets apply, we recommend excluding the source from your analysis, or […]
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World at Work invited me to join their Podcast: Work in Progress, with Charles Epstein and Tom Alexander. In this 30 minute podcast, we discuss paying remote work, holding employees accountable, and how to make pragmatic decisions.
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An Argument Against Pure Market-Based Salary Structures Salary Structures and pay bands are tools widely used by compensation practitioners to ensure that Organizations are paying roles competitively in the labor market, while maintaining internal equity within the organization.  While the vast majority of organizations target paying […]
5 Best Practices for Compensating Remote Workers In the past 18-months, we’ve been collectively experiencing tectonic shifts in the workplace. One shift that seems like it is here to stay is remote work.  We have long had the technology to support remote work, but the remote […]
Recruiting Women for Leadership For every 100 men promoted to a managerial position, only 85 women are promoted to similar position and the gaps are larger for women of color. For example, this number decreased to 58 for black women and 71 for Latina women for […]
How Diversity and Inclusion Programs Drive Pay Equity Diversity and inclusion programs are not novel ideas. Companies have incorporated D&I programs into their culture for many years.  However, according to McKinsey,[1] although these programs are widespread, progress in these areas has been slow, primarily because many […]