The Compensation Tool is the easiest and most affordable market pricing and compensation benchmarking software available. Whether you are a start-up, a Fortune 500, or a consulting firm, we have a solution for you.


On average, we implement our users in three days, not three weeks. Use our white-glove implementation service, or load everything yourself with our step by step guide.


We designed the Compensation Tool through the lens of the compensation analyst and aimed to develop an intuitive benchmarking tool. All the important information is right there, and all of the details are just a click away.

By Compensation Analysts, while we were analysts, 
for Compensation Analysts

The Compensation Tool was designed under a unique circumstance. The Tool was designed during my career ranging from an analyst level to the Head of Compensation for multiple Companies. Using my own personal experiences, I designed the tool to address the daily pain points that I saw while I was sitting in the seat you are in, today. Because of this, the Compensation Tool isn’t by comp, for comp… No, it’s more than that, the Compensation Tool is by Comp, as Comp, for Comp.


We’ve developed an intuitive and straightforward approach for updating and refreshing the data in the Compensation Tool.  Users can take advantage of our included data refreshes, or they can update their data on the fly and with ease, in just a few minutes.  


Take your compensation out of the black-box with our unique collaboration feature. The Compensation Tool allows your team to share market matches and market data with your stakeholders with our seamless feedback collection tool.  


Jobs may not have the same market value in different parts of the world.  Our system allows you to market price the same job any number of times so you can determine the market value for your roles in any location, without having to make changes to your job table.  


Finding the right match in your survey library can be like finding a needle in a haystack.  Our survey manager is your proverbial magnet, allowing you to filter, search and find the right market match faster and more accurately.  

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Easy Market Pricing

Market Price Your Jobs Quickly

Our market pricing tool is easy to use, fast, and auto-saves your progress. We’ve made it our priority to make the whole compensation benchmarking process easy and efficient.  

Find the Local Market Value

Our tool ensures you’re paying competitively in the markets that you compete for talent in.  With the Compensation Tool, you can easily establish the local market value for each role, in the locations that you operate in. 

Market Pricing Made Easy
Advanced tableau reports

Advanced Tableau Reporting

Our growing list of advanced reports allow you to run cost modeling, gender and diversity analyses, compliance reports and more. Every report was designed to answer a question about how your Organization’s pay philosophy is impacting your competitive and equitable stance.  Whether it be an employee dashboard, a job dashboard or a salary survey dashboard, the Compensation Tool allows you to instantly customize each dashboard so you are able to share what you want, with whom you want.

All of the reports can be exported as PDFs, Power Points and excel files.  

Clearly Communicate Compensation

Clear Communication

We have designed our reports for both the compensation analyst and the business stakeholders so you can create informative reports and graphics that are also easy to understand. 

Innovative Design

As compensation practitioners, we refined our skills and maintained a strong focus on keeping things simple yet beautiful.  Those principles got us far in the Corporate world, and we’ve applied those same ideas in the Compensation Tool. 

Job Description Manager

Job Description Management

Create, store, organize, and edit your entire job description library with the Compensation Tool.  The job description manager supports the rapid development of job descriptions by allowing you to drag and drop job descriptions directly from your salary survey library into your internal job descriptions.  Additionally, you can document the FLSA status of each job by completing the included FLSA tests.  Best of all: the job description manager comes with the Compensation Tool, standard.  

FLSA Evaluation

It’s up to employers to determine whether to classify an employee as exempt or nonexempt under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). To comply with the FLSA, employers need to regularly review their employee classifications. Those positions generally fall into six categories which are included in the Compensation Tool’s FLSA test: executive, administrative, learned professional, computer professional, creative professional and outside sales.  


Salary Survey Manager

One of the pillars of Compensation is great market data, so we designed the Compensation Tool with an emphasis on squeezing as much as you can out of your salary surveys. 

In addition to providing an easily searchable salary survey library, the Compensation Tool can age the survey data, create market analytical reports, determine geographic differentials and convert to various currencies. Our survey management tool is so powerful, it’s a product of it’s own.  

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Is the Compensation Tool for me?

The Compensation Tool is designed for Organization’s that want to conduct market bench marking with their salary surveys. If you have one or multiple salary surveys and need to streamline your market matching process, create analytical reports, cost models, or submit salary survey submissions, we may be a good fit!

Is it secure?

We understand that your company data is extremely sensitive. Security is paramount and our state of the art security programs are based on ISO27001, OWASP and NIST best practices. We partner with various security firms to conduct security and vulnerability tests on a regular basis.

How many users can I include?

Got a big team or a small team? We start with 10 users, but additional users can always be added as your team grows!

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious if the Compensation Tool is right for you? Take a look at our answers to some of our most common questions. Still got questions? Great, get in touch with us, we’d love to have a no pressure conversation about what we can do for you and decide, together, if we would be able to help you improve your compensation practices.

Does it include market data?

We believe that reputable salary survey providers are the best source for market data. We don’t think software companies have any business creating salary surveys, so we don’t offer market data.  Since you’re not paying for crowd sourced data that can’t be validated, you’ll have budget left over to purchase surveys from reputable sources.

Is it expensive?

The Compensation Tool came into being because the founder was a practitioner, working for several companies that didn’t have budget to purchase a market pricing tool like this. Our goal has always been to provide the best compensation tool on the market at a price that’s one-third to one-half the price of similar services.  

How many surveys can I load?

There’s absolutely no additional cost for up to 4 salary surveys, there’s no limit to how many you can add. 

So, what do people think about us?

Dont’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

This implementation was very easy and the templates were straightforward. Probably the most painless implementation I’ve been a part of so thank you.

Just wanted to send a quick note to say THANKS for all your help in offering a nice product and quickly making huge improvements based on recommendations. I wanted to let you know that I’m getting fantastic feedback from the team on the tool and improvements that have been made. The comparison functionality rocks dude!

The tool is not only an enormous time-saver for our team, but really “up-levels” our analyses and market-pricing reviews (our HRBPs and leaders LOVE the PDF summaries for reviewing matches). I never thought we’d actually be able to have a tool or system because of budget constraints, so this was truly a gift. 

“Due to the sensitive nature of our engagements and our strict adherence to confidentiality, names have been withheld for these testimonials; however references are available upon request.”

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